Saturday, 13 October 2018

Various ways to Use Plantains .

There are three major points of ripening that make plantains a versatile fruit to prepare

Green Plantains:


Fairly hard pulp, sometimes the peel must be removed with a knife. Starchy and not very sweet, similar to a potato. Excellent to make chips.

Yellow Plantains:

It's best fried, cooked, boiled or grilled. A ripe plantain is slightly sweeter than green plantains. firm, and easy to slice, and the skin peels easily. They will be firm, but not as firm as the unripe ones.

Black Plantains:

Black plantains are distinguished by their stage of maturity and their thick dark peel which encases a starchy and dense pink to pale yellow-hued flesh. They have a sticky texture and strong aromatics of vanilla and true nuances of banana. Only through cooking can the rich depth of sweetness come through in a plantain. Still good to eat despite color. Sweetest and softest at this point. Typically baked and eaten as a dessert

Various ways to Use Plantains: 

* Baked, boiled, grilled, roasted and fry

* Mashed, chopped up and used as an ingredient in stew and soup

* Steam cooked for infants and the elderly

* Dried and ground down into flour and used with milk for infant food

* In Peru, boiled and mixed with water and spices to make a drink called 'Chapo'

* When deep fried, enjoy as chips

* Made into curries

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