Saturday, 13 October 2018

Quick And Easy OKRO Soup!

Hi All!

Back again with my quick and easy OKRO SOUP recipe.
So I felt like having some swallow today and thought why not make some okro soup accompanied with either Garri (eba) or Pounded yam (my fav)


Beef( lamb)
Smoked Turkey
Cow skin (just like ponmo)
Large Smoked prawns 
Palm oil
Boullion cube (maggi/knorr)
Scotch bonnet pepper
All purpose seasoning 
Spinach /Ugu leaves


First I wash my meat , but I boil the cow skin first as I find it takes longer to soften , once cooked I add my beef and smoked turkey last and seasoning.
Soak your smoked prawns in boiling hot water (this gets rid of sand and all that dirty yucky stuff)

Once beef is soft , I drain the stock and save for later .
Fry the onions and peppers, Garlic together in palm oil , add the prawns and crayfish to fry a bit before adding the beef stock .
Once it starts to boil chop and wash vegetables and add to pot. Leave to simmer for about 10mins.

Once all is cooked your soup is ready to be eaten ...

This is one of the quickest and easiest soul to make especially when you are hungry and don’t have time to wait for hours.

Recipe by Lalas247

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