Monday, 13 April 2015

Jollof Rice, Plantain and Chicken

Recipe by @joiycee

Ingredients :

2 cups of rice
Fresh tomatoes
Tin tomatoes
2 cubes of knor maggi
Ginger ( if you like)
Mivina chicken seasoning
Groundnut oil (mamador)
Green pepper
Red pepper
Green beans
Gold nd crispy chicken coatings
Ripe plaintain.


Wash the rice and put in a pot with water then set it on the fire to parboil. Also wash the chicken, put it in a pot and set on the fire. Allow the chicken to cook and wen the little water in it has started drying up, add a little salt, dry pepper, a cube of maggi, and mivina chicken, add a little water and allow it to cook for 8 minutes. The rice would have parboiled by now, carry it down from the fire and wash it using a sieve and a bowl, then keep it aside.

Add the ginger to the chicken. Start chopping the carrots, green pepper, green beans, red pepper and onions
Get another pot pour a cooking spoon full of mamador cooking oil

Not too much, the one you know will be enough for the rice

Add your chopped onions, then your fresh tomatoes and allow it to fry a little then you add your tin tomatoes. Add a cube of maggi, grinder pepper, a little salt , your curry, then add water. Allow it to boil together then taste it to know if the salt is okay. Remove the chicken from its stock and keep it a separate plate then add the chicken stock to the pot on the fire containing the tomatoes, then add the rice and cover it. Allow it to cook for 5 minutes then taste again to know if the spices are okay if not okay , add a little salt and pepper. Allow it to cook, check the rice and make sure it is soft. When the water is almost dry add the carrot, green beans, green pepper and red pepper. Allow the water in the rice to dry then you carry it down from the fire.

Plantain: wash the plantain, remove it peelings and slice it in cubes form. Add a little salt to it, set a pan on the fire with a little groundnut oil wen the oil is hot add your plantain, allow it to fry till it's brown then remove it.

Chicken: pour the gold and crispy chicken coatings In a bowl, put the already steamed chicken in it, rub it all over the chicken. Put a little oil in a pan, allow it to get hot then put the chicken in the hot oil and let it fry till its golden brown then you can remove the chicken

Serve the rice with a little portion of plantain and chicken.

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