Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Nigerian Club Sandwish

Recipe: by Ibiye Alalibo 

Ingredients and Method.

Slices of bread (minimum)

Egg (hardboiled)

Fresh plum tomato (tomato Jos)

Medium carrot

Small cabbage

Pieces of Sardine

Tablespoon of butter

Mayonnaise(as u wish, I love it so l put enough

Club Sandwich

Wash all the vegetables very well.

Scrape the carrot and remove the seeds from the tomato.

Grate the carrot and cabbage 

Cut the tomato into very tiny pieces.

Cut the hardboiled egg into tiny pieces.

Add the mayonnaise to the carrot, tomato, egg and cabbage. Mix well and set aside.

mash the sardine mix with the margarine. Don't worry if you don't like the smell of sardines

cut off the  ends from the slices of bread(my younger ones call it d back of bread.

Take one slice of bread, put the margarine and sardine mix on one side of it and cover with the second slice of bread.

Repeat the above step with the remaining two slices. By now you should have two separate slices of bread that are stuck together by the margarine and sardine mix, then, use the vegetables mixture put on one slice. Use the second slice and cover it. Club sandwich ready to eat.

In place of sardine, you can use conbeef.

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