Thursday, 5 February 2015

Liberian Palava sauce

INGREDIENTS:3pack frozen Molekhia3large chicken thighs1fish(any will do)3maggi cubes(tiny ones)Dried SpawnsDried Cat fishlett.Red oil 4dl(I don't usually measure) do it the African way and pour in what looks good. The Molekhia consumes the oil so u will have to pour in more later.1 large onion1 large habanero pepper(optional)

Seasoning.. For me I don't normally measure seasoning since I put in about 6 different kinds of seasoning in my food, and salt in the Rice. I don't normally use salt in the food because all the seasoning mostly consist of salt so you can skip that. 
(U can use what u have) your favorite.


First Cut the chicken thighs and take out all the junks. Same as the fish and cut them according to how many pieces you want.

Put them in a pot, seasoned them well and pour about 2dl of water and let that parboil for about 10 mins.

Put in the Molekhia (in a different pot) all 3 and add water to the limit that covers it. Throw in the chopped onions and habenero pepper. 
Throw in 2maggi cubes, add a bit of all your favorite seasoning( but be careful, u don't wanna over salt them) do taste then n then to your liking. let that boil a bit, then throw in the sprawns and dry fish(the trick here is to get them to boil with the Molekhia to get that nice smell)

Let that boil till almost all of the water is gone, and put in the chicken(just the chicken, cus u don't want the fish in there else they will get Mouchy).

Let it boil till all the water is gone and when the Molekhia is thick, put in the red oil, stir and taste, if it's up to your liking don't put in more cubes. But if it doesn't have enough taste put the last cube in and let that cook and when done.. Your are ready.

Recipe by Zoe FreeMan

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