Thursday, 20 November 2014

Egusi Soup


1. Boil your beef/ ponmo/ stock fish and bring to boil for some time 
2. Blend fresh pepper(not compulsory but I love the taste of fresh pepper) 
3. Put one spoon of palm oil and continue boiling. You can add your locust beans (iru) crayfish, salt and Maggi to your taste
4. Grate onions inside the already ground egusi
5. Mould them into small balls and add into the the pot. Ensure to cover with enough water to avoid burning. Leave for about 20 minutes to be well cooked.
6. Stir properly as the some of the egusi balls will still be formed
7. Add your ugu leaves followed by the bitter leaf( not compulsory)
And that's a wrap!

AfricanFood by IG: YeyeArewa 

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