Saturday, 11 October 2014

Isapa Soup

Isapa soup is a common soup in Ekiti state. This is one delicacy that I learnt first from my Grandma. I asked her one day while the soup is mostly cook during the Christmas festivals;  she replied that "I guess it has to do with the stress that goes with it" I saw hell today while making this. Picking the Isapa itself one after the other while washing it is one big job no-one will want to dear; however, the yummylicious taste that comes after is worthwhile. 
When I came across the isapa at our African stores here, it was like a won a lottery. 


1. Tomatoes, red bell pepper, rodo (albanero), onions2. Iru (locust beans), crayfish, powdered stock fish (optional) dry fish.3. Melon, red palmoil, maggi, curry, thyme4. Goatmeat/cowmeat, chicken, various beef intestines (optional)5.Isapa


1.Blend all the number 1 & 2 together into a perfectly smooth state. Reserve little iru (locustbeans) & crayfish. While you turn it into a bowl, do not rinse your blender. Wash your melon perfectly and blend it, do not add too much water; let it be a little bit thick so that when you fry it, it will come out in seed form. When you turn the blended melon in a bowl, rinse the blender and turn the water into a separate bowl.

2. Boil your number 4's together;  once they are done, filter the juice gotten from the boiled meats into a bowl and keep aside.

3.have a frying pan ready on stove to fry ur melon. Before frying, add a little bit, like a peanut size of maggie into the melon; add salt as well, just inch. Stir together.  Add palm oil into your frying pan, once is a bit fry, start adding ur melon in ball sizes until ur done adding all. Stir as often as possible to avoid getting burnt. Keep it aside as soon as you are done frying because you are not going to use it until you get to the last stage.

4. Have you cooking pot on the stove. As soon as it is dry, add you palmoil, quantity depends on how much u like it. Once is fry, add your blended number 1 & 2. Cook it for about 15mints. Add the water that you rinsed from the blender after you blended the melon. Add you reserved iru (locust beans) & crayfish; add your number 4's; add maggi and salt, and a pinch of the curry and thyme (just a little bit, too much of it can mess everything up). Cover the pot while you let cook till dry stage or till you no longer see the traces of water in it or until the palm oil can be visibly seen on it.

5. Now you can turn your isapa into it ( a spinach can substitute if isapa cant be found). Stir perfectly until they all blend very well together.  Lastly, turn your fried melon and stir together. Isapa soup or Egunsi soup is ready. Best served with pounded yam & white rice.

Raw melon, iru and crayfish

Fried melon

Tomatoes,  bell red pepper, onion
Cooked isapa soup, Raw isapa (spinach can be a subtitute)
Melon liquid gotten after blending with the meat juice
Final outcome, poundo yam and isapa soup
Recipe by @bim_bright_ebony on Instagram


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