Friday, 19 September 2014

White rice and Chicken curry sauce.


Rice, Salt, water.
Chicken, tomatoes, red pepper, chilli, onions, carrots, spring onions,spices (Maggi, Salt, Curry, Thyme), garlic, ginger, oil.

Cook the rice in water and salt. I normally preboil my rice,wash and add
some salt to it, put it back on the fire for some more minutes... Click read more

Cook the chicken till its tender. Chop your tomatoes, onions and peppers
with garlic and ginger. Chop it into very small pieces and pour into a pan.
and add to the fried veggies. Cut the carrot to desired size and add to the
sauce,also add the chicken stock and let it simmer for some minutes. Chop
some spring onion and sprinkle on top. After like 5 mins, its done. Serve
with the rice.

Cut your chicken, wash and put in a pot with water, salt, thyme and onions.
Fry it with some oil and add the spices to your taste. Remove the chicken

AfricanFood by Asma'u Ali-Gombe

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