Sunday, 14 September 2014

Rice and Chicken sauce.


Carrot, green beans, green pepper, yellow native pepper, sausage (optional), sweet corn (optional). Spiced cubed chopped chicken and sliced sausages. Spices (blended ginger, garlic and onions. Curry, thyme, onga chicken ) flour know cube. Continue...

Method Of Preparation

Soak the chicken in the spices mixture for 15 minutes, steam the meat. Chopped all the vegetables (they don't have to be cut in a regular share or pattern). When the meat is cooked, Put the sausage and green beans next, allow it to cook for one minute. Add the green pepper and carrot, cook for another 2 minutes then add the cabbages. Stare the mixture then mix flour in lil water and add to the mixture to thicken it, then your sauce is ready.

By @TheRealMordsith on Instagram.

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